XMark Power Tower

Pull up bar

XMark Power Tower

XMark Power Tower A higher-end Power Tower built to last.

Pros :

-Sturdy: Built with a steel frame and finished with a scratch resistant powder coating

-Warranty: When purchased it comes with a LIFETIME warranty!

Pull up bar

-Comfort: Made with rubber grips on all handles and cushions built in for maximum comfort during a pull-up, chin up, or push up

-Multi-Purpose: Has a pull-up bar/chin-up bar, as well as a dip station and push up handles

-Assembly: It is easy to assemble with past owners claiming anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour

Cons : 

-Price: It is a higher end product so the price is expensive compared to other power towers

-Wobble: When doing a pull-up or chin up, the tower is known to wobble if you are doing an aggressive movement

-Padding: If you are heavier than the rubber grips will not do very much for comfort. As well as the foam padding on the pull-up bar and chin up bar is found by some to make the grip worse

-Heavy: Fully put together the power tower weighs around 86lbs

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In Depth Review

If you are looking for a high-end reliable power tower then the XMark Power Tower is the best bet for you. The build is proven to be sturdy as it is made from a strong steel frame and finished with a baked on scratch-resistant powder coating finish. The feet on the base of the power tower is also skid-resistant so you can be sure that your floor will not be damaged by the machine. Another reason to feel safe about this purchase is that automatically included with any purchase of an XMark Power Tower, you are guaranteed FREE lifetime in-home warranty.

If comfort is what you are looking for in a power tower for your home then the XMark is the best choice for you. Outfitted with extra thick 2-inch hi-density cushions, and rubber covered grip posts and handles allows you to perform pull ups, chin ups, and dips with ease since you can be sure that you will not lose your grip on the handles. These rubber grips put this power tower one step above the rest because when first starting out on pull ups and chin ups, it tends to be very hard to hold yourself up, and the rubber grips only make it easier for you. Along with the comfort that comes with this tower, it also is known to be easy to assemble the product. With 67 positive reviews on the tower, it is stated to take between 45 minutes to 1 hour to fully assemble the power tower without any issue.

A negative that comes with this tower is that it is considered to be a higher end product, so the price will naturally be higher as well. With the price aside, it is also a fairly heavy product once assembled, so usually, wherever you assemble to the product it will probably be staying there because of its difficulty to be moved. As well as with every tower, the possibility of the power tower to wobble is there as well, the key to avoiding that is making sure all of your movements are controlled! The last problem is that the padding does not work very well for comfort if you are a heavier set individual. If any of these issues are not a problem for you then the XMark Power Tower is the ideal purchase for you!


The XMark Power Tower is a high-quality tower that is guaranteed to bring you satisfaction. It is built to last, and in the case that it doesn’t, the power tower comes with a lifetime warranty so you know that you made a safe buy! If comfort is your concern then this is the tower for you. A must-have for any serious home gym!

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