Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar


Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar



A pull-up bar is typically a solid metal bar that is mounted on either end of two fixed points, like in a doorway, for example. Its purpose is to provide a platform to perform chin-ups and pull-ups, which are exercises that utilize the weight of the body for resistance. The individual will use his hands to take hold of the pull-up bar to pull the body in an upward motion; the body is then lowered back into the starting position to finish one repetition.

Pull-ups that are performed on a wall mounted pull up bar creates an exclusive challenge for your exercise regime.

The Exercise

Pulling up your body weight until your chin is in line with your hands is a complicated movement which boosts strength in your upper back muscles, biceps and grip. To correctly execute this exercise, it is good to have a sturdy bar from which to hang. Fortunately, a lot of companies construct sturdy units that can be utilized in the home or at a fitness center.


Finding a Quality Bar

There has been a resurgence of pull-ups as an essential component of strength training and this is largely due to the Crossfit organization. Their large wall mounted bar that they recommended was custom-built by a welder and they cost $150 or more for each bar.

However, the standard home gym owner requires a unit that is more reasonably priced and uses a lot less space. One such alternative is available at Maximum Muscle, for approximately $50 dollars, based on where you buy it.


The unit is constructed of steel and can accommodate up to four hundred pounds when it is installed into a wooden beam or stud. As with a lot of the bars available on the market, it provides a variety of grip positions to add variety to the exercise. At 41 inches, it is big enough to house wide grip pull ups but it is not too broad to become a monstrosity when it is mounted indoors.

While having a variety of grip positions is convenient, workouts from a pull-up bar do not need to have them in order to be effective. What is more essential are the construction quality and the warranty on the product.


A good quality bar ought to be made from sturdy gauge steel tubing and the quality of material must be equivalent to the plate that attaches to the wall. Hardware mounting strength is just as important and should be enough to install the bar in most locations.


The wide variety of exercises that can be done on the wall mounted pull up bar will strengthen abdominals, biceps and the upper back and at a more advanced level, you can work your triceps, shoulders and the chest, as well. Some examples include wide grip pulls, close grip, hanging leg raises and muscle ups.