Titan T-3 Squat Rack Free Standing Pull Up Bar

Titan T-3 Squat Rack Free Standing Pull Up Bar

Titan T-3 Squat Rack Standing Pull Up Bar

Titan T-3 Squat Rack Free Standing Pull Up Bar

Titan T-3 Squat Rack offers three different models of free standing pull up bars. They are the MOD1 Portable Pull up System, MOD 2 Portable Pull up System and the TAPS Portable Pull up System.

Titan T-3 Squat Rack Portable free standing pull up bar offers 3 models from their website. They are similar in price and there isn’t much differentiation in either model. The MOD 2 comes with a set of horns which allows you to also use this pull up bar like a squat rack, for bench presses, and curling. IT also comes with a bar rest for doing deadlifting. It is adjustable from 5 ½ feet up to 9 feet tall. These are commercial grade and very portable, but pricier than other bars.
 If you are a beginner to working out, then you can probably get a cheaper model to see if you like doing pull-ups on a regular basis. However, if you are advanced, do multiple pulls up and weight a lot Then this is a great upgrade. It is incredibly stable and strong. You will never feel like you are going to get injured.

It is good for team, military and gym training. It takes 10 minutes to set up and conveniently compacts to transport in a mid-sized vehicle. This is great for storing in a small apartment as it is designed to be heavy duty but still break down so you can store it and still have room to walk around your apartment.

A few complaints I’ve been reading about are that it is a smaller company, so it is harder to contact them if you have any problems or a defected unit. This unit does weigh 125 pounds so it is easy to break down, but heavy and expensive to ship out.