Pure Fitness Free Standing Pull Up Bar

Pure Fitness Free Standing Pull Up Bar

Pure Fitness Free Standing Pull Up Bar


The Pure Fitness Power Tower is a free standing pull up bar. It is designed with heavy duty steel framed. The muscles that it targets are back, chest, abs, and arms. You can do different variations of pushups, straight leg raises, dips, vertical knee raises, pull ups, chin ups and more. The item weighs 71 pounds and it is available only in the US. There have been a few known issues with shipping, as they have been known to send wrong parts. Thankfully, they have an excellent customer service department that will send out new parts overnight.

This is manufactured by Pure Fitness. It is made out steel along with plastic and polyester parts. The weight capacity for this equipment is 400 points and it is 7 feet tall. There is back support and handles for doing leg raises. You can also do dips on these handles. The design is aesthetically pleasing compared to other pull up bars.


Some common problems include the screws not being labeled so it may take some time to assemble. Other than that there is not much information on this product on the internet as compared to other major brands. The price of just under $200 is comparable to other pull up bars and these can also be found for as cheap s $165 online.