Pull-up equipment

Titan T-3 Squat Rack Free Standing Pull Up Bar

What the Experts are saying about Pull-Ups

Titan T-3 Squat Rack Free Standing Pull Up Bar

According to most exercise physiologists, if exercise is done at home it is required that you think about putting some chin-ups in the routine. More than any single-movement exercise, this one allows more muscle groups to be brought into play. This exercise is essential for acquiring a V-shaped look if this is what you desire.


Choices of Pull-up equipment


Doorway Pull-Up Bars – This choice is ideal if you are trying to save some money and is on a budget. The most used one of these is built with a design that makes it easy to put the bar in the door frame and you do not have to use tools or screws. But a disadvantage of using this is that it has the tendency to leave marks or scrapes on the door frame. Also, it limits body movement which as a result can prevent the maximum development of muscle.


Free Standing – This is the most ideal if you have available room. An advantage of using these bars is that you are allowed to have complete freedom of movement. Another advantage is that no damage will be caused in your home. A few of them are more flexible than others and allow you to exercise all of your body; back, triceps, biceps, abs, chest, muscles, calf and more. These are a bit more expensive than the doorway chin-up bars, however, it would be very beneficial to you to invest in it.


Wall Mounted – These pull-up bars are for the person who generally does hardcore exercises. Several persons install the wall mounted bars in either their garages or in a room specifically used for the workout. They turn into permanent fixtures once they are installed. Although they are not so versatile as the free-standing equipment, they are very durable and allow you to change your grip to what you desire as well as save a great amount of space.


Many types of pull up equipment exist that you can choose from. Some of them are more costly than others. However, if you consider the cost of being a member of a gym, it would save you more money to buy the equipment.


The most helpful exercise for muscle building are pull-ups, however, these are performed the least in the gym. More people will be seen doing pulldown exercises instead of pull-ups. Why is this so? This is because for most people pull-ups are considered to be the most difficult and feared exercise. To incorporate the pull-up exercise into your routine and not dread it, you have to begin very slowly.