Portable Pull Up Bar

Portable Pull Up Bar
Portable Pull Up Bar

The portable pull up bar is a great deal more than just an equipment on which to perform pull-ups. The portable bar allows you to take fitness to the next level by using the tools you have to create an exciting, challenging and varied workout.


During a strength training session, it is most effective if you work opposing muscle groups. A lot of individuals neglect entire sets of muscles when they formulate their workout plans. Along with pull-ups, every portable pull up bar owner should add these corresponding exercises into their bar routine. For each of these exercises, you must have a goal to accomplish three sets of ten.

  1. Chin Ups

By changing from an underhand to an overhand grip, fitness buffs can alter the group of muscles they are working. Chin-ups engage the pectoral and biceps muscles, as opposed to the latissimus dorsi and the triceps muscles. This assists in ensuring harmony and balance between the chest and the back, as well as a good balance among various muscles in the upper arms.

  1. Basic Knee-ups

From a position of the dead hang, elevate your knees in the direction of your chest. This engages both the lower and upper abdominals, especially when carried out in a controlled motion.

  1. Advanced Leg Pike

Again from a dead hang, lift your feet while flexing at the waist. This engages the lateral and upper abdominal muscles, as well as the leg’s abductor muscles.

  1. Dips

Place the bar in the doorway, a few inches off the ground. Sit on the floor immediately facing the bar and then use only your hands and feet to support your weight, while keeping your elbows and knees straight. Curve your arms until your elbows are flexed at an almost 90-degree angle or your buttocks are near to the floor; in a controlled motion, return to your starting position.

  1. Anchored Sit-ups

Put the bar in a doorway with a clearance of about 6 inches. Hook under your feet and use them as anchors for standard sit-ups.


There is a variety of quality pull up bars available on the market including the Maximum Fitness Gear version, Iron Fitness Pull-up Bar, Creative Fitness Pull-up Bar and the P90X. All of these bars can be adjusted during your workout, enabling the flexibility you require for a total workout.


Keep in mind to allow your body to rest. It is definitely a good idea to take a day to rest in order to avoid injury and allow your body to heal.


If they are properly used, portable pull-up bars will provide a safe workout. The majority of these types of chin-up bars are intended to fit over a door or the frame of a door. As long as the door is level and quite sturdy, then no problem should arise.