P90X pull-up bar review


The P90X pull-up bar review

If you’re confused by the hundreds of conflicting consumer reviews regarding pull up bars or you are trying to find the cheapest place to buy one, you’ve come to the right site.

I have researched portable/doorway chin-up bars extensively and have found the P90X pull-up bar to be the absolute best value.

If you are of the same opinion I highly recommend shopping at Amazon.com. They are the most price competitive marketplace on the web and they have the best buyer protection policy around. *

The 3 reasons I decided to buy the P90X pull-up bar.

Ever work out on creaky flimsy exercise equipment? It’s terrible,    After using cheap knockoff equipment most people end up buying the right piece of equipment anyway because it is so unpleasant to use or it breaks because of poor build quality. I always try to save myself time and money by following the old wise saying – Buy Right, Buy Once.

Review of the ProSource –  ” Now given the low price I paid, I wasn’t expecting too much and knew I was taking a risk. But even I was shocked at how cheap and poorly designed this thing is. I know back in the market and will pay more to find a solidly built bar. having learned my lesson. Please don’t wast your time and money, and to ProSource – shame on you for selling this garbage.”;

Review of the ProSource –  ” Now given the low price I paid, I wasn’t expecting too much and knew I was taking a risk. But even I was shocked at how cheap and poorly designed this thing is. I know back in the market and will pay more to find a solidly built bar. having learned my lesson. Please don’t wast your time and money, and to ProSource – shame on you for selling this garbage.”

Review of the P90X – “I bought this bar after trying a different brand; This bar is heavy duty and works great.”



#1 The P90X’s Support Bar -VS- The knockoffs’

The P90X pull-up bar has the only one piece crossbar on the market. One piece bar construction is critical because it serves as the main weight bearing support and the main connection point for every piece on the bar which keeps the unit rigid. If it is not continuous the whole bar will flex, squeak and creak (best case) or break (worst case).

Two or three piece bar system we will definitely save us money but at the sacrifice of quality and strength.

Review of the ProSource – “This horizontal tube and the two vertical bent cross-tubes are most important for weight bearing. Given the extended and wider handles of the Easy Gym unit, you’d think they would keep that single tube design – NOPE! The vertical cross-bar of this unit is actually three separate tubes that interlock via a poorly fitting and poorly machined tongue-in-groove design… Unfortunately, the so-called lock doesn’t really lock and you end up with two weak links where the bars connect.”

Review of the ProSource –  ”The main problem with this pull-up bar is that the long piece that braces against the doorjamb is in three pieces, and the outer two do not connect to the middle one with screws. This creates a disturbing amount of flex when you actually try to use it… I ended up going with a more stable Gold’s Gym model wherein the long bar is made of two pieces that connect with two screws.”

Review of the Iron Gym Extreme – “One more gripe – they should have made the main bar solid, not two-piece. It was designed two-piece to minimize packaging…creaky construction”

Review of the P90X – I was torn between this product and the “Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar – Extreme Edition,” which was recommended by several reviewers. As far as I can tell, that bar is also a decent one, and it costs less. I ended up getting the Beachbody bar because the main bar (41″ long) is one-piece


  • The P90X bar gets an A+for having the industries only contiguous load bearing bar.
  • The Iron Gym Extreme edition gets a C+for a two piece bar design.
  • The ProSource like the rest gets a Ffor a 3 piece bar design.


#2 The P90X’s Foam -VS- The knockoffs’

The first thing that will fall apart on any piece of workout equipment is the foam and rubber padding. If costs are cut in the foam and rubber department its usable lifespan will be greatly reduced.

The P90X is the only manufacturer using professional grade foam and rubber.

Review of the ProSource  ”…the grips are cheap and after the first day of usage, one of the grips tore.”

Review of the Iron Gym Extreme”…my Iron Gym’s foam wore out…”

Review of the P90X – ”I bought this to replace my Iron Gym bar which wore out after less than a year of moderate use. (The rubber handles shredded).”

Review of the P90X – “The P90X bar has the best feeling foam and rubber I’ve seen on a pull-up bar. You can tell from the feel that they did not cut costs. Its well padded to protect your hands, walls and door trim.

Review of the P90X – “Years ago, I bought a generic bar that came with foam that lost its shape and eventually tore off the bar from use. This Beachbody bar’s foam feels firm, holds its shape after use and appears to be durable.”


  • The P90X pull-up bar gets an A+ for using professional grade foam.
  • The Iron Gym Extreme edition gets a C-for budget foam.
  • The ProSource like the rest gets a D-for low budget foam.


#3 The P90X’s Width -VS- The knockoffs’


Another important difference that I found between the P90X bar and the knockoffs’ is the overall width.

That old saying “Size matters” (tongue in cheek:) is very appropriate when comparing these bars. The total width of the bar is important because wide hand grip pull-ups are the only way to achieve proper latissimus dorsi muscle development! (The back muscles commonly called “lats”.)

The P90X pull-up bar is the widest bar on the market, that means it can give results that no other bar can. So if you’re like me and you want the widest grip possible to get the best results possible then the P90X is the only choice in the portable-doorway pull-up bar segment.

Here are the official assembled bar measurements.

P90X – 41″ 

Iron Gym – Extreme Edition – 39″

ProSource Easy Gym – 36″

GoFit Elevated Station – 36″

Maximum Fitness All-In-One – 36″

Everlast Multi-Function – 32″

That’s 2″ wider than the Iron Gym,  5″ wider than the middle three and 9″ wider than the Everlast!

Very Important note: A two-inch shift in grip can mean the difference between targeting a muscle group or missing it completely.

Fitness expert’s advice – “The wide-grip pull-up is the champion of upper back exercises and will pack a lot of size onto your lats.”

Review of the P90x – “…the bar is 41 inches long. When you do pull-ups, doing wider grips make a big difference in your back development.”


  • The P90X bar gets an A+for the widest bar in the industry.
  • The Iron Gym Extreme edition gets a B+for the second widest bar in the industry
  • The ProSource like the rest gets a C-for the average industry bar width.
  • The Everlast gets a Ffor the shortest bar in the industry.


Conflicting consumer reviews?

After reading 100′s of online reviews one thing became very clear – these people are not reviewing the same product! I did some digging and found out that there are sellers ripping people off! They claim to be selling authentic P90X bars but are sending out flimsy cheap imitations.

I called Beachbody directly to talk with them about this and they confirmed that counterfeiting is happening. They also said that they are fighting to shut those sellers down but with the vastness of the internet, they can only do so much.

I asked them if the Beachbody store on Amazon was an official store selling authentic products and they confirmed that it is. So If you are looking to buy an authentic P90X pull up bar then only buy from the Amazon store that says “by Beachbody“. DO NOT buy from any other seller or website if you want to avoid the counterfeiting epidemic.

How to spot reviews of counterfeit bars – here are some of the tell-tale signs…Flimsy construction, cheap fitting bolts, miss drilled bolt holes,  two and three piece support bars…etc

Reviews of counterfeit P90X bars

Review of a counterfeit P90X bar – The main beam for this bar comes in 2 pieces and has to slide together in the center. The p90X bar on the Beachbody sight has a single piece long center bar. This causes the bar to flex in the center. It is falsely advertised as the actual p90X bar but it is not.”

Review of a counterfeit P90X bar – When this thing arrived in the mail, it took me forever to put it together (and I never succeeded). It took so long because the nuts/bolts don’t screw in together smoothly. The bolts are made of cheap steel that when you screw it in hard (you have to in order to even get it to turn), you end up messing up the grooves. I finally gave up when I realized that the poles weren’t even made to align properly so it would NEVER come together at all. The rubber grips are pretty flimsy and appear like the ones that would wear out after a couple weeks of use.”

Review of a counterfeit P90X  – “This was a horrible experience, the bar was a piece of junk and would not assemble properly. I have tried to contact the seller but I haven’t gotten any kind of response. Don’t buy this bar or anything from this seller.”

Review of a counterfeit P90X   – “Well to begin, when I received this chin up bar, one of the part’s screw hole was blocked by a piece of metal. I complained and received a replacement for the part. When I received a new one, the holes were not aligned properly. Terrible quality. Do Not Buy.”


Reviews of REAL P90X bars

Review of the real P90X  – ”The pull-up bar is easy to assemble… I assembled the bar in about 10 minutes, and I only used the instruction manual to make sure I used the 2 short bolts in the right place.”

Review of the real P90X  – ”This chin up bar was easy to assemble. It is sturdy and safe, and does not need to be fastened to the walls with screws or anchors due to the design. It takes seconds to install and remove.”

Review of the real P90X – “I was not sure what to expect when I got it, but it was really easy to put everything together, and it’s so easy to use.

Review of the real P90X – “I’m pretty tall and big and this bar works perfect, one of my friend who is way over 250 pounds did some chin up on it and the bar held perfectly like it did for me for 2 years that I’ve been using it.”

Review of the real P90X – “The bar is made of high strength materials. The nuts are nylon insert lock nuts which resist from coming undone.”

Review of the real P90X – “It was easy to assemble and easy to install hooking it right over my doorframe. My husband can hang from it using his full body weight at 200 lbs.”

So to answer the question “Whats with all the conflicting consumer reviews?” Some are reviewing the high-quality authentic bar from Beachbody and the others, unfortunately, got scammed and are reviewing a counterfeit.