MS Sports joist mounted pull up bar


MS Sports joist mounted pull up bar

A tough solidly built joist mounted pull up bar.


Pros :

Sturdy: The horizontal bar is made of one solid weld, this means the integrity of the metal is not compromised

Multipurpose: This bar allows you to do both wide and close grip pull ups, along with numerous other exercises.

Cons : 

Bolts: The supplied bolts are too short, you must buy your own separately

Installation: Installation requires you to use a drill along with other tools if you are unskilled using this a door mounted pull up bar may be a better choice

Packaging: Sometimes the instruction manual or the necessary bolts are not included in the package
(Happened to us along with other reviewers)

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In Depth Review

The MS Sports joist mounted pull up bar is your no-nonsense pull-up bar. Since it is made through a single weld, this sturdy metal bar has the ability to hold heavy weight without a bend or problem with the bar itself. With both the angled grip and the neutral grip, a variety of hand positions allows you to hit a variety of back muscle groups just by getting a little bit creative. All that is needed for this pull up bar is a joist that can be found within your house. This bar can also be used with products such as gymnastics rings and bands to even further your workout as long as the joist that it is connected to can handle the weight. The MS Sports joist mounted pull up bar carries an average of 4.6 with people who purchase the product on Amazon, showing that it does have a proven track record of being a quality product that gets the job done.

A problem that seems to be with every package shipped out is that the bolts that come with the bar are too short to actually support the bar. A quick trip to the hardware store and about $2.50 later you will be able to walk away with perfect sized bolts to safely put it up. The installation does require you to have a little know-how of using a drill, and a wrench. If you want a more simple approach to installation, then a door mounted bar is more for you!


If you are looking for a pull-up bar that you can install and then not worry about this is especially for you. However, it does have some flaws, mainly the lack of installation instructions, and that the supplied bolts are too short.

We also noticed that this bar gave us major callouses, which should be expected when purchasing. Hopefully, this review helped you make the best choice possible!