Doorway pull up bar


Doorway pull up bar

There are two types of doorway pull up bars. The first is the temporary bar that adjusts to fit tightly in a door opening at any height that is convenient for children or adults. These pull up bars can also be moved in the event another location is more desirable,

The second type is a permanent pull up bar that requires some mechanical aptitude in order to install correctly. These pull up bars have a flange at each end that is attached to the door frame with wood or machine screws depending on the door frame material. The permanent type pulls up bars are designed to remain in the selected opening and at a fixed height for an extended period of time.

Both the temporary and permanent type pull up bars are available in different finishes such as chrome, stainless steel, and powder coated steel. The power coated models are usually offered in designer colors and all temporary pull up bars have rubber padded ends to prevent damage to a finished door frame once they are tightened in place.

Temporary and permanent pull up bars can be purchased at most sporting goods or exercise equipment stores as well as through online sources and they are relatively inexpensive in terms of exercise equipment. As with any purchase of exercises or work out equipment be sure all parts and attachment accessories are included in the packaging along with complete installation instructions and safety warnings.

When planning to use a temporary pull up bar there are a few important considerations with regard to safety. Since the bar will support a person’s weight off the floor the door frame must be a permanent installation or the like. In addition to practical reasons, the best door opening should be one that isn’t used to enter or exit the house or apartment. An interior door such as a bedroom door would be a good choice for openers. Once the pull-up bar has been used a few times the most convenient door opening will likely become obvious.

To install a temporary pull up bar simply follow the instructions and be certain the bar is firmly in place before moving forward with multiple repetitions. The bar should also be installed on the open side of the door frame so the door can be closed without having to remove the temporary pull up bar each time after use.

When planning to use a permanent pull up bar the primary considerations once again are with regard to personal safety. The door frame should be a sturdy and permanent installation and the pull-up bar should be installed above average head height and in a way so that the door can be closed when the bar is not in use.

Some permanent pull up bars require a flange attached to each side of the door frame. These are affixed using wood screws and the screws must be long enough to penetrate the door frame and secure into the wood trimmers behind. Installation instructions should be followed closely and be sure to drill pilot holes through the finished door frame to prevent splitting when the screws are driven through.

There are other types of permanent pull up bars that are available in complete kits as well and some of these require extensive retrofitting that is best accomplished by an experienced installer.

These doorways pull up bars are often seated well within the rough door frame assembly and are often used in the gymnasium and work out environments. It is a good idea to consult a supplier of equipment manufacturer to determine which installation best suits a particular situation